Michael’s Thoughts – Our 1,000th Beer and 100th Brewery!

[Our 1,000th beer!]

Continued from Lancaster, PA and Stuff

For breakfast the next morning, we went to A Loaf of Bread Bakery and talked with Matt, one of the people we were hanging out with at Hunger N’ Thirst the night before. Next we drove out to Hershey, PA to make an official stop at Troegs Brewing Company, then made a failed attempt to visit the Hershey Factory – the last tour started 2 minutes before we arrived. We went back to the van and ate some chocolate in a hangry rage, then drove out to Pizza Boy Brewing Company (Al’s of Hamden) to meet with our Couch Surfing hosts for the night, Michael and Carrie, who maintain the website Curiata.com. We had a great time with them as they watched us punish ourselves by drinking a 40oz of Colt 45 to commemorate our 1,000th beer of the trip, then the next morning we ended up at Roxy’s Café to stuff our faces with a breakfast burrito. Although it was great (really, it was), I have to say I sure miss me some Texas breakfast tacos.

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Michael’s Thoughts – Lancaster, PA and Stuff

[Me... passed out...]

Continued from My 30th Birthday in Philly

We spent the whole next day in the library getting caught up on writing and came up with a new format for our posts on the website, which we’ll be rolling out soon. We also posted the stats for our first 3 months, which ended up on Paste Magazine’s website. The next day, we made our way back to Dock Street for an official visit, but first we made a call into the Gavin and Zach Show – you can hear their interview with us around the halfway mark here. Once we were finished, we stayed with Lauren, a girl I went to church with years ago back in Dallas. After she had put her kids to bed, she got us some Water Ice from Rita’s as well as some Tasty Kakes to give us a little more of the Philly experience, and then we played Cards Against Humanity with her and her husband… man do I love that game (even though I was very much so last place with just two cards).

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Michael’s Thoughts – My 30th Birthday in Philly


Last I wrote, we were heading to Mispillion River Brewing in Delaware where we ended up having a great time and then ate some awesome sandwiches over at Arena’s Sports Bar coupled with some local beer. It was still quite cold that night and we did not have any luck finding a place to stay, so we stayed the night at a Super 8. The next day I wasn’t feeling too well, but we still drove up to Stewart’s Brewing Co in Bear, DE, ate lunch which revived me, then headed over to Iron Hill Brewery’s original location in Newark, DE. We spent quite a bit of time there talking with their brewer as well as Dana, a new friend of ours. At the end of the night, we went to a WaWa where we had our minds blown with the best sandwiches we’ve ever had from a gas station. After that, we trekked across the border into New Jersey and slept in the van at a rest stop (I was told later we weren’t actually allowed to do that, but hey, we’re alive).

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#90 – Stewart’s Brewing Company in Bear, DE



After caving for the first time and spending the night in a hotel because of a pretty heavy snow storm, we made our way to Stewart’s Brewing Company in Bear, DE on Thursday, 3/27/2014. The first thing we did when we walked in was order a flight of their beers, then head brewer Ric Hoffman sat with us while we indulged. Afterwards, he showed us around and went over everything that makes the brewery unique.

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#89 – Mispillion River Brewing in Milford, DE



On Wednesday 3/26/14 we made our way through the slushy streets to Milford for an afternoon visit to Mispillion River Brewing. The brewery is the creation of Eric Williams, whose vision came to fruition with the help and support of his wife, Megan, and two other couples, Don and Marti Brooks & Scott and Tammy Perlot. Eric, who had been homebrewing for years, was unfulfilled with his corporate job and confessed to his wife that he wanted to open a brewery. Following years of planning they got into the building this past May, brought Brewmaster Jared Barnes – with previous brewing experience at Southern Tier Brewing Co – into the fold in August, and held their grand opening in November with eight beers on tap. The potentially risky decision to open a brewery was immediately rewarded when about 400 people showed up for the opening night, with a repeat showing the following night. One of the first things Jared did when hired was tell Eric that they needed to purchase a one barrel pilot system. It wasn’t in the original budget but they made it happen and Eric credits that step with helping get the brewery opened a few months early. The other brewer, Ryan Maloney, hit it off with Eric at a local homebrewer’s meeting and started off as a volunteer. After many months of unparalleled dedication, Ryan earned his spot on the team.

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#88 – Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, DE



Our first visit in the first state was to the Dogfish Head Brewpub in Rehoboth Beach, DE as well as Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, DE on Tuesday, 3/25/2014. Considered to be a regional craft brewery, this rapidly expanding business is ranked as the 13th largest craft brewery in the United States and 20th largest overall based on findings from the Brewers Association. We were lucky enough to jump on a small tour of the production facility with just four other people as Kristie Lankford gave us a personal, detailed look into what makes Dogfish Head unique.

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