End of year stats!

On Saturday, December 28th, 2013 we visited with the great people at Peticolas Brewing Company during their 2-year anniversary. 365 days, 48 states, trips to Canada and Mexico, 40,000 miles, and 789 breweries later, we finished our epic brewery journey…

Below you will find our total stats for the months of
January + February + March + April + May + June + July + August + September + October + November + December:

[Death Valley]

[Border into Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico]

Unique brews responsibly tasted: 7,124 (+920 from last month)
Average number of new beers tasted per day: 19.52
Breweries visited: 789 total: 365 official & 424 bonus (+102)
Average breweries visited per day: 2.16
Most breweries visited in 1 day: 9 (4 in Bellingham, WA + 5 in BC, Canada)
Most breweries visited in 1 month: 102 (December)
States visited: 48 & DC & 3 Canadian provinces & Mexico (+2)
* Check out all of our Border Photos!
* CLICK HERE to see a state-by-state breakdown of breweries/ beers

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#137 – Scratch Brewing Company in Ava, IL




Our first Illinois brewery to visit during our trip last year was Scratch Brewing Company located on some farmland about an hour and a half southeast of St. Louis, MO. Scratch was one of the most distinctly unique, beautiful, and remote breweries that we saw all year and remained that way through to the end. With a focus on locality, the people at the brewery forage and/ or grow ingredients on their land to use in the beer recipes; mushrooms, roots, pine needles, multiple herbs & spices, and hops for example. During our time sampling in their taproom, we got to try some Gruits, a Gotlandsricka, a Licorice Basil Schwarzbier, a beer made with maple sap instead of water, and a handful of other beers that prove this is not your everyday brewery; the best part is they are brewed well and we enjoyed each and every one of them! The Scratch crew also told us that they were planning to only enter beers that do not have hops in them at GABF in Denver later in the year and when we ran into them at the festival a few months later they had done just that. Do not miss out on an opportunity to visit the amazing people, location, scenery, and beers that make up Scratch Brewing Company – it’s the full package!

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#136 – Mother’s Brewing Company in Springfield, MO




As we walked up to Mother’s back in May, people were setting up tents and other items outside in preparation for their fourth ever Mother’s Day Festival that would be held the next day. Unfortunately our timing did not line up with the party, however it was a blast talking with founder Jeff Schrag about the brewery as we hung out in the taproom and walked around the brewery. The brewery itself was full of quirky little decorations such as a Dolly Parton album on the wall by their dollys, Hans Solo frozen in carbonite on their walk-in refrigerator door, and an Air Supply album by some air tanks. We also learned that head brewer Brian Allen really pushes the experimentation approach and brewing is done to flavor with less overall focus on meeting strict style guidelines. He nails it, too, their beers are outstanding…

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The trip is over. Now what?


Well, we did it.

After spending 365 days on the road visiting 789 breweries all across North America, the two of us are now back home in Dallas, TX. Only about 130 of the 365 brewery profiles that we intend to create have been posted so, using audio recordings and photos from each of our official stops, the other 200+ will get posted here on our site over the upcoming months. We will do research and follow up with breweries to add current, relevant information so that we can assure we are only providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Also, similar to the “List of the 10 breweries that left the biggest impression on us during the first leg of our trip,” we will be working on lists for the middle and final legs of the year-long journey. Outside of that, we hope to put together articles that talk about different things that we learned from our experience as well as talk about those things in interviews with others. If you would like to ask us anything, just shoot us an email at BrewsTravelers365@DallasBrewScene.com

Thank you for your support & hope you enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) the journey!


Month 11 stats!

We only have one month left in our trip. 334 days into the year; 31 days left to go…

Below you will find our total stats for the months of
January + February + March + April + May + June + July + August + September + October + November:

[Shotgunning Deep Ellum Blonde at the Grand Canyon – AZ]

[Driving through a tree – North CA]

Unique brews responsibly tasted: 6,204 (+879 from last month)
Breweries visited: 687 total: 339 official & 348 bonus (+94)
Most breweries visited in 1 day: 9 (4 in Bellingham, WA + 5 in BC, Canada)
Most breweries visited in 1 month: 94 (November)
States visited: 47 & DC & 3 Canadian provinces (+3)
* Check out all of our Border Photos!

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#135 – Fossil Cove Brewing in Fayetteville, AR




After going to the Fayetteville Visitors Center to pick up our handy-dandy Ale Trail passport and then checking out a few bonus stop breweries on the Fayetteville Ale Trail, we found ourselves at Fossil Cove Brewing just as they were opening up for the day. Their founder and head brewer, Ben Mills, spent time with us spilling details about the dino-themed brewery before two Arkansas-based bloggers met up with us there for a drink; Woo Pig Brewey! and Fayette Brew. Fossil Cove offers one-off brews that are only available in the taproom and they were also the first brewery in the state of Arkansas to release a sour beer. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the brewery thanks to the unique environment, tasty beers, and great people, so do yourself a favor and check out all the information below then make a trip to Fayetteville to check them out!

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