Recommend your favorite American Craft breweries

We plan to visit at least 2 breweries in every state, and want your input!  What are your favorite breweries?  Where are they?  Do you have contact info for them that you could send our way?  Once we take in all of your suggestions, we will edit our map/ calendar and post it for all to see.  That way you can join us at a brewery or two if you want!

56 thoughts on “Recommend your favorite American Craft breweries

  1. Midnight Sun Brewing Company in Anchorage, AK (Barb, Lee, or Davey)
    Broken Tooth Brewing in Anchorage, AK (Tyler or Sean)
    Alaskan Brewing in Juneau, but you’ll have to fly there… (Michael King)
    Denali Brewing in Talkeetna (Beau)
    Kassik’s Brewing in Kenai (Frank)
    Kenai Brewing in Soldotna (Joe)
    If you make it all the way to Alaska, call me or let me know when you are headed there. I’ll show you around. 🙂

  2. Good People Brewery in Birmingham, Al. Right across from the Birmngham Barons baseball stadium. But call me when you are here

  3. If you make it to Alaska, hit up America’s Northern Most Brewery: Silver Gulch in Fairbanks. My cousin, Glen Brady, owns it. (I’m Bill Conrad’s other Plano reporter).

  4. Looks like your map might be set but if you have time, Madison WI has 8 great breweries, with Karben4 Brewing at the top of the list. Good luck!

  5. This may be too late, but I work for a brewery in Hattiesburg, MS and would love for you to come by when you’re in Mississippi. Southern Prohibition Brewing. It would be great to spend time with you and hear about your adventure. Going to be keeping up with the journey. Email me at if you are interested or want to know anything else about craft beer in MS.


    • Thanks Emily! Southern Prohibition is actually #36 on our list, so we’ll be by in early February. We will definitely reach out to you in the next week or two to solidify the details, so thank you so much!

  6. I think I can help you quite a bit through the Indiana portion of your tour. Assuming you’re either going to or coming from Chicago, Three Floyds in Munster, Indiana is an absolute must. The Indianapolis area has at least a dozen brewerys. If you’re going to pick only one, I’d go for Sun King, but Flat 12, Triton, and a few others should not be missed if you have the time. Good luck!

    • Thanks Matt! Looks like we don’t have Flat 12 or Triton on our list, but we are definitely going to Three Floyds and Sun King. Would you suggest that we swap any of the IN breweries below out for Flat 12 or Triton? If so, why?

      Brugge Brasserie
      Four Horsemen Brewing
      Sun King Brewing
      Three Floyds Brewing Company
      Upland Brewing Company

  7. Deschutes in Portland
    Alpine near San Diego
    Alesmith in San Diego
    Stone in San Diego is a must, they have beautiful grounds in any of their locations. They have a farm which has it’s own specially brewed beers, their Liberty Station location is gorgeous and has it’s own specially brewed stuff. And their main location in Escondido is amazing, so much so that I’m getting married there

  8. I would highly recommend you stop by Pensacola Bay Brewing if you will be coming down I-10 and passing Pensacola! We brew some great beer and have a very cool brewery.

  9. Good morning, I saw this site linked on /r/beer and wanted to reach out to you regarding a Frederick, MD brewery and brewpub you should plan to visit.

    Monocacy Brewing Company ( is the offsite expansion/packaging facility for Brewer’s Alley, Frederick County’s Original Brewpub (

    We’d love to have you guys swing through for a tour and a taste. Please reach out directly via email if you’d like to schedule something. Have a safe trip and enjoy the best beer that America has to offer! Cheers.

  10. Some CA breweries to recommend-
    Craftsman in Pasadena
    Societe in San Diego (good to see you have Alpine on the list already)
    Drakes in San Leandro
    I’m assuming you already have Russian River on your list (Santa Rosa)
    Moonlight in Fulton
    Sante Adarious in Capitola
    Almanac and Anchor, both in San Francisco
    North Coast in Ft Bragg

  11. Three breweries that I frequent often – Northampton Brewery in Northampton, Massachusetts – head brewer is Donald “Boog” Pacher, owner is Janet Egleston – oldest continuously operated brew pub in the Northeast. Janet’s brother, Peter Egleston, owns the Portsmouth Brewery (Tyler Jones, head brewer) and Smuttynose in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Baxter Brewing in Lewiston, Maine – has grown something like 400% in the last two years. Operates in refurbished textile mill – Luke Livingston is owner, Ben Low is head brewer. Great pieces of northeast beer history and phenomenal beer to boot! Happy and safe travels!

    • As of right now, the MI breweries we have on our tentative list are as follows:

      Arbor Brewing
      Bastone Brewing
      Bell’s Brewery, Inc.
      Dark Horse
      Founders Brewing Company
      Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales (Northern United Brewing Company)
      Livery, The
      New Holland Brewing Company
      Short’s Brewing Company
      Tri City Brewing

  12. I hope you are coming through Montana! Lots of delicious brews in this state. If you come through Missoula, definitely come by the Kettlehouse Brewery.( Best beer in Montana, in my humble opinion. Also, I work in a hotel and can hook up a free room if need be.

  13. If you add one to your list, make it Angry Hanks in Billings, MT. There are also 5 other microbreweries within walking distance. Lumberyard Brewery in Flagstaff, AZ. Crescent City in New Orleans, Night Shift Brewing in Boston, MA (Everett, MA), Firehouse Brewing in Rapid City, SD, Table Rock Brewing in Boise, ID

  14. Hardywood Park Craft Brewery in Richmond, Va is a can’t miss. If you come through the RVA then Legend Brewery, Isley Brewing Company and Midnight Brewery are great spots to visit.

  15. Once you are in New York, it will be easy to get bogged down in the city! If you head about an hour or so north of NYC, there are a few great choices. Also, the Hudson Valley is a great route to Vermont, about 3 hours to the southern end of the brewery trail there.
    My two top choices in the Hudson Valley would be Newburgh Brewing Company in Newburgh (great people an beer!) and Keegan Ales in Kingston.

    Some others to consider would be Defiant Brewery in Pearl River and Crossroads in Athens.

    I would be happy to meet you at any in the region! Safe travels!

    – @eddiepro on twitter and instagram

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