Want to help us out?

Howdy folks,

It’s been quite some time since we’ve added anything new to the website and our date of departure is coming up fast! Our plan is to uproot ourselves from our everyday lives for an entire year and travel across the United States going from brewery to brewery; 365 total breweries in 365 days, at least 2 in each of the 48 continental states.

Brandon Wurtz and myself, Michael Roberts, have been saving and planning for a while and have enough to get us through the trip on a very tight budget. If you are able to provide us with contacts at breweries, have a place for us to stay, want to meet up with us, or want to donate food, camping supplies, cameras, or anything else you think we might need on our epic road trip, just shoot us an email at BrewsTravelers365@DallasBrewScene.com

Thanks everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Want to help us out?

  1. I work for a distributor in east TN.
    Let me know if I can help you while you’re on this side of the south!

    I would love to buy you guys a beer and hear your story.

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