News Article and Departure Details

Howdy folks,

First of all, we are going to be featured in an article that will be printed in the Plano Star Courier tomorrow (Thursday, Dec 26), but you can go ahead and read it online here. And now onto some details of our trip…

We will be starting our trip at Peticolas Brewing Company during their 2-year anniversary party on Saturday, Dec 28th. They will have 10 beers that day including a new imperial stout called Black Curtains at 11%, so the anticipation is ridiculous. The party will last from 2 – 5pm, but we will be arriving early to get photos, video, and an interview, and then we have to leave a little early to head on over to our launch party.

The Brews Travelers 365 launch party will be at The Common Table just north of downtown Dallas starting at 4 pm that same day (Saturday, Dec 28th). They have kindly offered to bring out a special keg of 2012 Real Ale Sisyphus! In addition to that, Lakewood Brewing Company will be bringing a Sin Mint version of their Temptress Milk Stout in a cask, which you don’t want to miss. It will be a great time and we would love to meet you before we go, so try to make it if you can. More details can be found on the facebook event posted here.

Our 2nd brewery stop will be at Deep Ellum Brewing Company on Thursday, Jan 2, where we will be pouring for them during their public tour from 6 – 8:30 pm. We have been volunteering with DEBC since before they were the first brewery in Dallas proper to open back in 2011, and owe a lot of our craft beer experience to them for that.

Brewery stop #3 will be at 10 am the next morning with Lakewood Brewing Company. This is going to be the first visit on our year-long tour that will not be simultaneously open to the public. Their employees will be kindly showing us around on a small private tour while we document the experience, and we couldn’t be more excited.

From there we will first be going down to breweries in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, and then we will follow the gulf coast over to Florida. From Florida we will make our way up the east coast all the way up to Maine and then will make our way back to Dallas in early May.

Can’t wait to post more details in the upcoming year, so stay posted!

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