Clarification of Intent/ Ask us Anything

Hello fellow craft beer enthusiasts,

We have been receiving quite a few questions in regards to what we are doing, so we would like to clarify some things.  First of all, this website and our other forms of social media are here to support the breweries, not ourselves. 

* The personal side of the trip is already fully funded and planned through our own hard work, but in order to spread the word about each of the breweries we visit we created this website and the other social media accounts.  We hope that by gaining followers across the country and sharing thoughts, interviews and more, the smaller, local craft breweries will gain attention that they otherwise would not be getting. 

* We will not be visiting breweries under larger corporate umbrellas, such as A-B InBev or MillerCoors.

* We are taking a firm stance against drunk driving and will make sure to take whatever precautions are necessary in order to abide by this, including switching off drinking even if it means missing out on a rare beer.

* We will have a map, calendar, and list of breweries posted in the upcoming weeks, so keep a look out for those! 

If you have any other questions for us, just ask us here and we will gladly answer!

11 thoughts on “Clarification of Intent/ Ask us Anything

  1. Is there a reason you’re avoiding the big breweries?

    If the point of this trip is to draw attention to craft beer and their brewing philosophies, you absolutely should visit the industrial breweries in St. Louis & Milwaukee.

    While I don’t recommend consuming their product, they are very interesting places to visit and provide a great contrast to the methods and culture of craft beer.

    • Although we agree with you, certain larger brewing companies are spending a ridiculous amount of money and using tactics we disagree with in order to keep smaller breweries from succeeding; those are the ones we will be avoiding. On the other hand there are some larger craft breweries we will be visiting in order to see the other side of things (Sam Adams, for example).

      Can’t wait to visit breweries in both Milwaukee and St. Louis, though!

  2. Do you have a map/list of places you’re planning on visiting? I’m wondering if you’re coming to Portland, OR. I’m not on FB or Twitter so I’m sorry if the question is redundant.


  3. I can’t readily tell from the map, but I do hope you’re visiting Gainesville, FL for a stop at Swamp Head. They have been supplying the city of Gainesville with glorious beer since I’ve moved here…definitely give it a try!

  4. You guys have a place to stay in Dunedin Florida !! We have a spare bedroom and a couch. As for beer… We have 7venth Sun, Dunedin Brewery and House of Beer all in walking distance of each other. Close by are Cigar City, Barley Mow, Rapp, Saint Somewhere and prob a few I am forgetting.. I am a member of the Dunedin Brewers Guild and we do our meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month. That would be a great time to be here. We have some great brewers and there is always plenty of homebrew going around.

  5. Hey guys just heard about your adventure! I’m curious as to how much you have estimated this journey to cost? Obviously there are a ton of factors (e.g. people buying you a beer or donating a place to sleep), just looking for a rough figure on what you guys anticipate. If you come to Seattle would love to buy you both a round and chat.

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