Michael’s thoughts – 1/7/14

It’s finally settling in that I don’t work in a cubicle anymore. I spent over 3 years working for the same company in downtown Dallas where I became accustomed to the people I work with and the atmosphere, so waking up each morning and not jumping into that routine is taking some adjusting. I miss everyone there and have come to appreciate what I had going for me there, while at the same time I’m so freaking glad I’m doing what I’m doing now instead! Whaaaaat!?

So far I haven’t had time to do anything other than fully focus on the trip, though. Between writing up the blogs about each brewery, working on the website, working on our scheduling and map, uploading photos, researching breweries before and after we visit them, responding to all emails, tweets, messages, while at the same time updating the contact list… there has been no time to sit back and take it all in yet. We are almost a week into the trip and it feels like it’s only been 1 day. Not complaining, just saying I’m much busier than I thought I would be.

We are staying at the house of a good friend of mine, Kyle Miller, with his wife Tiffany and two kids, Ethan and Kalen, and our stay has been incredible. Not only have they given us a place to stay, they’ve been going out of their way to make us feel welcome. It makes me feel a little bad that all I’ve done is sit at my computer all day trying to catch up on all of our forms of media, but at the same time they’re very understanding about it. I truly hope that we can get caught up on everything before we leave here, so that we can have more free time in the future to explore the places we visit.

On the way back from meeting with Josh Hare at Hops & Grain yesterday we stopped by a place called Easy Tiger near downtown Austin for about an hour. Although our budget does not have room for such things, we were able to split a giant pretzel and enjoy a beer, as Kyle and his family got to fully enjoy the offerings on the menu. This was the first time we had to test our ‘say no to things that cost money’ abilities, and we passed with flying colors! Later this week we plan on meeting up with our good friend Mat and hopefully his wife, our other good friend, Krystine. We also have plans to visit with another mutual friend of ours, Marion. I’m really looking forward to seeing each of them, as the hardest part of this trip has truly become being away from friends and family. Already. 5 days in, haha…

Today we are going to visit Adelbert’s Brewery, which has Naughty brewing inside so it’s kind of 2 birds with one stone, and then we’ll be visiting with Austin Beerworks immediately after. I’m very excited about what we are doing and hope you are getting something out of it as well! Feedback is more than welcomed, both good and bad, so send comments and emails our way.


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