#6 – Twisted X Brewing Co. in Dripping Springs, TX


Our third and final brewery visit on Saturday, 1/4/14, was to Twisted X Brewing Company west of Austin in Dripping Springs, TX. Neither of us had ever tried their Tex Mex Beer™ before so we did not know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer…

Twisted X is a collaborative effort between Jim Sampson, Shane Bordeau, and Ted Stewart. Jim and Shane founded the company in 2009 and, after being denied by investors due to lack of large-scale brewing experience, they purchased a 3-barrel system and rented a little 900 square foot warehouse in Cedar Park, TX. They started putting their beers out in the market on Cinco de Mayo of 2011. Now, after much success, the brewery is located in Dripping Springs, TX where they have upgraded to a 30bbl Criveller brew system. Twisted X made their first batches of beer in the new facility around 3 months ago, opened up the new tasting room about a month ago, and have plenty of room for anticipated expansion.


What’s unique about Twisted X is that they are making Tex Mex Beer™, Mexican-style lagers in Texas with a Texas flair. The four beers we got to taste while there were the Twisted X premium lager, Cow Creek dark lager, Fuego jalapeno pilsner, and Chupahopra dry-hopped IPA. Fuego has just the right amount of spice to it, where it doesn’t burn your mouth and ruin your drinking experience, but you definitely get to experience the jalapeno flavor and aroma.


As of right now, Jim says that Phil’s Icehouse in Austin is buying the jalapenos from Twisted X after they have been used to make Fuego, then deep-frying them and putting them on a burger with local BBQ sauce. Yea, seriously. There are also more brews in their assortment, including Senor Viejo, an imperial Schwarzbier that is tequila oak-aged, and Siesta, which is essentially the Twisted X with prickly pear cactus added.


New tasting room hours are Fridays 4-8pm, Saturdays 12-8pm, and Sundays 12-6pm, so if you find yourself in Dripping Springs make sure to drop by. Big thanks to Jim Sampson for showing us around!

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Author: Michael Roberts


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