More Brewery Suggestions!

First of all, thank everyone so much for reaching out to us with places for us to stay, suggestions, and contacts for breweries to visit!

We do have at least 2 breweries planned for all 48 states + DC, but we are trying to even out the number of breweries by state a little more, and these are the states that we feel are lacking on our current list. If you know of breweries we should visit in the states below, reply to this post or shoot us an email at with the state and brewery in the subject line of the email.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington, D.C.
West Virginia

7 thoughts on “More Brewery Suggestions!

  1. Arkansas – Stone’s Throw Brewing, Diamond Bear Brewing
    Tennessee – Boscos Brewing Co., Cool Springs Brewery, BlackHorse Pub and Brewery

  2. For Jersey , the two best breweries right now are Kane and Carton and they are only about 30 minutes from each other. I would absolutely try to hit those first. Two other good ones are Flying Fish and River Horse.

  3. KANSAS:
    You have to hit Free State Brewing in Lawrence, KS. It’s the first legal brewery in Kansas after prohibition ans is the lifeblood of this college town. Let them know The Roaming pint sent you.
    Also while you are in town hit up 23rd Street Brewery.

    Just down the road in Manhattan you also need to hit Tallgrass Brewing. They are doing some awesome beers and like Austin overworks it’s all in cans.

    If you go across Kansas hit up Liquid Bread in Hays. They have been killing it at GABF with their stouts.

    Nebraska Brewing Company! They have great year round beers, but are known more for their barrel aged stuff. They are currently building a new facility to can their beers. Once again tell we sent you.

    Lucky Bucket Brewing is an interesting brewery with great branding and they also have a distillery.

    Grey Sail Brewing is cool little family operation.

    Obviously Yazoo! Brewing is great but also check out Jackalope Brewing in Nashville.

    That’s it for now.

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