Michael’s Thoughts – My 30th Birthday in Philly


Last I wrote, we were heading to Mispillion River Brewing in Delaware where we ended up having a great time and then ate some awesome sandwiches over at Arena’s Sports Bar coupled with some local beer. It was still quite cold that night and we did not have any luck finding a place to stay, so we stayed the night at a Super 8. The next day I wasn’t feeling too well, but we still drove up to Stewart’s Brewing Co in Bear, DE, ate lunch which revived me, then headed over to Iron Hill Brewery’s original location in Newark, DE. We spent quite a bit of time there talking with their brewer as well as Dana, a new friend of ours. At the end of the night, we went to a WaWa where we had our minds blown with the best sandwiches we’ve ever had from a gas station. After that, we trekked across the border into New Jersey and slept in the van at a rest stop (I was told later we weren’t actually allowed to do that, but hey, we’re alive).



The next day was another double brewery day, with the first visit being to Flying Fish. We met a few cool people up there, including Tara, a writer for Beer Babes in NJ, and Jay, the man behind Third State Brewing that is not opened yet so keep an eye out for them. Later on we went to a small new brewery in Mt. Holly, NJ called Village Idiot where we spent some time talking to the two owners during their busy day. That night we ended up driving into Philadelphia, where we stayed with some of Haggis’ relatives, Rich, Connie, and their two kids. The next day was yet again a double brewery day for us in the Philadelphia area, as we made our way to both Yards and Tired Hands in the rain, with a stop to Chipotle in between. That night was spent with Haggis’ relatives again, and then at midnight…

[Us with Third State Brewing]

[Me, Rich, Haggis]

I turned 30! Happy birthday to me. We decided to take a day off for the occasion and did quite a few things. Our first stop was to the steps made famous in the Rocky movies, but the streets were blocked off so we just admired them from afar and moved on. The next stop was to Nick’s Roast Beef (based on a recommendation from my friend Nick T. back in Dallas) where I got the cheesesteak, Haggis got the famous Nick’s Roast Beef, and we split both of them to get more out of the delicious experience. Afterwards, we walked over to the Liberty Bell, checked out the museum around it, then I crushed it with my fingers; the bell is so much smaller than I had imagined. I forgot to mention that it was raining all day, so we were soaked and cold at this point, but didn’t let that slow us down! A trip to the bar Eulogy was in order, so I got a single beer there before we needed to move the van because our meter was about to expire. Another note if you’re curious, Haggis was the DD for the day!

[Nick’s Roast Beef & Cheesesteak]

[Me crushing the Liberty Bell]

After he drove us a few blocks, we found ourselves at Monk’s Café where I ordered a Russian River beer, as well as PNC – Firestone Walker Imperial Buckwheat Stout aged in tequila barrels. Following that was an unofficial stop to Nodding Head Brewery where I indulged in a flight and, in case you’re wondering, we enjoy our unofficial stops just as much if not more than the official ones; the only difference is we don’t schedule a specific time with them to take notes and photos to create a full profile of them on our website. Once I was done, Haggis drove us over to Dock Street Brewing for the release of Walker – their beer made with smoked goat brains to pair with the finale of Walking Dead; the beer was actually damn good. That was the end of that night, so we stayed with his relatives again.

Continued here.

[Firestone Walker PNC]

[Nodding Head Brewery]

[Dock Street’s beer with smoked goat brains]

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