Michael’s Thoughts – Lancaster, PA and Stuff

[Me… passed out…]

Continued from My 30th Birthday in Philly

We spent the whole next day in the library getting caught up on writing and came up with a new format for our posts on the website, which we’ll be rolling out soon. We also posted the stats for our first 3 months, which ended up on Paste Magazine’s website. The next day, we made our way back to Dock Street for an official visit, but first we made a call into the Gavin and Zach Show – you can hear their interview with us around the halfway mark here. Once we were finished, we stayed with Lauren, a girl I went to church with years ago back in Dallas. After she had put her kids to bed, she got us some Water Ice from Rita’s as well as some Tasty Kakes to give us a little more of the Philly experience, and then we played Cards Against Humanity with her and her husband… man do I love that game (even though I was very much so last place with just two cards).

[Water Ice from Rita’s]

We said our goodbyes the next morning, then made a trip to Sly Fox Brewery where we got to check out a can with a top that fully comes off, eat one of their amazing pizzas, and then meet up with Dana again for an unofficial stop at Victory Brewing Company. She ended up going to a movie that night, and we met up with the guys of the Blind Tiger Podcast at Lancaster Brewing Company where we killed two birds with one stone – it was another unofficial brewery stop and we recorded an interview with them. The interview is now up, and you can listen to it here!

[Pizza at Sly Fox]

[Growlers on ceiling at Lancaster Brewing]

We stayed the night with Rob from the show where I passed out early (it’s that super flattering photo at the top) and most of the next day was spent in Lancaster at the library with a break at Rachel’s Café & Creperie in the middle of the day. I got a crepe with smoked salmon and cream cheese as well as a fruit smoothie (which were both stupid good) and Haggis got one with chicken, peanut butter, rice, peppers, and buffalo sauce which he also seemed to enjoy. Later that night, there was a Lost Abbey tap takeover at Hunger N’ Thirst, so we checked that out with Rob and Michael from Blind Tiger, as well as their girlfriends and two other friends.

[Me, Haggis, Rob]

[Me, Haggis, Rob]


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