Michael’s Thoughts – Our 1,000th Beer and 100th Brewery!

[Our 1,000th beer!]

Continued from Lancaster, PA and Stuff

For breakfast the next morning, we went to A Loaf of Bread Bakery and talked with Matt, one of the people we were hanging out with at Hunger N’ Thirst the night before. Next we drove out to Hershey, PA to make an official stop at Troegs Brewing Company, then made a failed attempt to visit the Hershey Factory – the last tour started 2 minutes before we arrived. We went back to the van and ate some chocolate in a hangry rage, then drove out to Pizza Boy Brewing Company (Al’s of Hamden) to meet with our Couch Surfing hosts for the night, Michael and Carrie, who maintain the website Curiata.com. We had a great time with them as they watched us punish ourselves by drinking a 40oz of Colt 45 to commemorate our 1,000th beer of the trip, then the next morning we ended up at Roxy’s Café to stuff our faces with a breakfast burrito. Although it was great (really, it was), I have to say I sure miss me some Texas breakfast tacos.

[Hershey’s Chocolate World, FAIL]

[Haggis, Me, Carrie, Michael]

[Al’s of Hamden / Pizza Boy Brewing]

When we had finished eating breakfast, we went to Weyerbacher Brewing Company and then drove down to Pipersville, PA to hit our 100th official brewery visit at Bucks County Brewery! The experience was perfect and the owners and patrons were amazing; one of the patrons, Mike, even took this video of us while we were there. Following our visit, we stayed with Hiatt, a very cool guy we found on Couch Surfing. In fact, we enjoyed his company so much that, after our visit to Free Will Brewing the next day, we made our way back up to Allentown to stay with him another night. We ate some bombtacular Mexican food that night, then made an unofficial stop at Allentown Brew Works when we just happened to walk past it.

[Us with Hiatt]

Chris at Free Will
[Us with patron Chris at Free Will Brewing]

[Allentown Brew Works flight]

We said goodbye to Hiatt the next morning, then drove back into New Jersey to visit River Horse Brewing Company – the people and beer at this brewery were out of this world and highly recommended (not that we don’t recommend everywhere we’ve gone so far!). When we finished there, we drove east to the Jersey Shore to meet with our couch surfing host, Pete, at Brickwall Tavern. We all enjoyed a few beers there while watching the Rangers play the Boston Red Sox, then headed back to his place. Pete and Haggis let me watch the 9th episode of the first season of Game of Thrones, which is where I left off, even though they’re both caught up. The following morning we got bagels with porkroll, eggs, and cheese at Bagel Talk and spent the rest of the day in the library before parking in a Wal-Mart parking lot where we slept all night.

To be continued…

[More photos]

[Haggis, Pete, Me]


[Allentown, PA from Hiatt’s balcony]

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