Month 7 Stats!

[New Hampshire]

Below you will find our total stats for the months of
January + February + March + April + May + June + July:

Unique brews responsibly tasted: 3,227 (+695 from last month)
Breweries visited: 366 total: 216 official & 150 bonus (+92)
States visited: 33 & DC & 2 Canadian provinces (+5)
* Check out all of our Border Photos!

[Canadian border

[Toronto, Canada]

Starting mileage: 75,416
Ending mileage: 94,924
Total miles driven: 19,508 (+3,158)
Highest price paid for gas: $4.83 (CAN)
Lowest price paid for gas: $3.23 (AR)

Nights stayed in a hotel: 13 (+1)
Nights slept in Van: 29 (+11)
Nights camped: 17 (+7)
* All other nights stayed on someone’s couch/ bed/ floor


[The beer named after us!]

Number of beers named after us: 1 – Brews Travelers IPA at The Red Baron in MI (+1)
Number of beers lost to explosion: 4 (+3)
Rounds of disc golf played: 1 (+0)
Number of times we have gone back home to Dallas, TX: 1 (+0)
Times either of us have shaved or got a haircut: 2 haircuts each (+0); no shave
CD’s acquired: 6 (+0)
Times asked if brothers/ twins: 79 (+21)
Items left behind: 7 (2 shampoo + 2 soap left in bathrooms, 1 towel, 1 pair of socks flew out the window, 1 hat) (+1)
Times there was a snow/ ice storm: 5 (Atlanta, GA; Greensboro, NC; DC; Milton, DE; Granby, CT) (+0)

[We made the front page of the Plano Star Courier Sunday Edition back in our home town!]

Money stolen by broken parking meters: 8 quarters, 1 nickel ($2.05) (+0)
Times pulled over then let go: 1 (+0)
Parking tickets acquired: 1 – Providence, RI because there is apparently no overnight parking anywhere in that city (+0)
Unfortunate mishaps with Homer the minivan: 3 (Mirror clipped in Lancaster, PA; driver-side spray painted in Pittsburgh, PA; Nail in tire in Dallas, TX) (+0)

[New Hampshire]

[New Hampshire]

Hits on website: 100,854 (+10,057)
Facebook Likes: 1,944 (+164)
Twitter followers: 1,514 (+83)
Instagram followers: 821 (+111)
Untapped friends: 295 (+29)

And here are all of the friends we hung out with during the month of July!

[Lauren, Mike, Michael, Haggis – New Hampshire]

[Lauren, Mike, Michael, Haggis – New Hampshire]

[Haggis, Angel, Michael, Joe – Maine]

[Haggis, Angel, Michael, Joe – Maine]

[Haggis, Rachel, Michael, Rob – New Hampshire]

[Haggis, Alex, Natan, Michael, Dominic “Neo Tigerwolf” – Montreal, QC]

[Michael, Alex, Haggis, Bibi – Montreal, QC]

[Michael, Alex, Haggis, Bibi – Montreal, QC]

[Haggis, Stefanie, Michael – Michigan]

[Haggis, Bill (brewer of The Red Baron who named a beer after us), Michael – Michigan]

[Michael, Clay (The original “Brews Travelers”), Haggis – Michigan]

[Haggis, Michael, Wob, Todd – Michigan]

[Haggis, Michael, Wob, Todd – Michigan]

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