Month 9 Stats!

Below you will find our total stats for the months of
January + February + March + April + May + June + July + August + September:

[Border Photos!]

[Glacier National Park]

We are now 3/4 of the way through our trip! 273 days into the year and have 92 days left to go…

We truly want to thank everyone who has helped us make it this far! Friends and family for their support, new friends we have met along the way for offering a place to stay or even just meeting up for a drink and a conversation, and especially the breweries for being so open and welcoming.

Unique brews responsibly tasted: 4,530 (+651 from last month)
Breweries visited: 522 total: 286 official & 236 bonus (+84)
States visited: 42 & DC & 3 Canadian provinces (+8)
* Check out all of our Border Photos!

[Badlands in SD]

[Mount Rushmore]

Starting mileage: 75,416
Ending mileage: 102,266
Total miles driven: 26,850 (+4,883)
Highest price paid for gas: $4.83 (CAN)
Lowest price paid for gas: $3.19 (MN)

Nights stayed in a hotel: 22 (+3)
Note: We have paid for less than half of the hotel nights
Nights slept in Van: 40 (+6)
Nights camped: 20 (+2)
* All other nights stayed on someone’s couch/ bed/ floor

[Buffalo at Yellowstone]

[Fog at Yellowstone]

Times asked if brothers/ twins: 106 (+13)
Number of beers named after us: 1 – Brews Travelers IPA at The Red Baron in MI (+0)
Times either of us have shaved or got a haircut: 2 haircuts each (+0); no shave
CD’s acquired: 7 (+0)
DVD’s acquired: 1 – The Michigan Beer Film (+0)
Number of beers lost to explosion: 4 (+0)
Rounds of disc golf played: 1 (+0)
Number of times we have gone back home to Dallas, TX: 1 (+0)
Items left behind: 12 (3 shampoo + 3 soap +1 loofah left in bathrooms, 1 towel, 1 pair of socks flew out the window, 1 hat, 1 shirt, 1 pair of boxers) (+0)
Times there was a snow/ ice: 7 (Atlanta, GA; Greensboro, NC; DC; Milton, DE; Granby, CT; Between Helena & Missoula, MT; Between Jackson Hole, WY & Victor, ID) (+2)
Most consecutive days without a shower: 5 from Seattle, WA to Jackson, WY (+1)

[Bridge Troll in Seattle, WA]

Money stolen by broken parking meters: 8 quarters, 1 nickel ($2.05) (+0)
Times pulled over then let go: 1 (+0)
Parking tickets acquired: 1 – Providence, RI because there is apparently no overnight parking anywhere in that city (+0)
Unfortunate mishaps with Homer the minivan: 4 (Mirror clipped in Lancaster, PA; driver-side spray painted in Pittsburgh, PA; Nail in tire in Dallas, TX; Flat tire in the middle of nowhere, SD) (+1)

[Flat tire in the middle of nowhere, SD]

Hits on website: 120,074 (+11,424)
Facebook Likes: 2,142 (+74)
Twitter followers: 1,721 (+91)
Instagram followers: 1,085 (+154)
Untapped friends: 344 (+20)

* More photos of North & South Dakota
* More photos of Montana & Glacier National Park
* More photos of Yellowstone coming soon!

And here are all of the friends we hung out with during the month of September!

[Haggis, Katie, Lacey, Michael – Fargo, ND]

[Alan, Michael, Haggis – Bismarck, ND]

[Haggis, Sharon, Sharon’s friends, Michael – Billings, MT]

[Haggis, Kara, Michael – Spokane, WA]

[Haggis, Michael, Ed, Sarah – Seattle, WA]

[Haggis & his cousin Chris]

[Haggis, John, Michael – Yakima, WA]

[With Haggis’ Family in Jackson, WY: Michael, David Jr., Nathan, Rhonda, Eva, Trevor, David, Haggis]

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