The trip is over. Now what?


Well, we did it.

After spending 365 days on the road visiting 789 breweries all across North America, the two of us are now back home in Dallas, TX. Only about 130 of the 365 brewery profiles that we intend to create have been posted so, using audio recordings and photos from each of our official stops, the other 200+ will get posted here on our site over the upcoming months. We will do research and follow up with breweries to add current, relevant information so that we can assure we are only providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Also, similar to the “List of the 10 breweries that left the biggest impression on us during the first leg of our trip,” we will be working on lists for the middle and final legs of the year-long journey. Outside of that, we hope to put together articles that talk about different things that we learned from our experience as well as talk about those things in interviews with others. If you would like to ask us anything, just shoot us an email at

Thank you for your support & hope you enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) the journey!


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