Brews Travelers 365 Press:

American Craft Beer – “Meet the Brews Travelers on a Mission to Hit 365 Breweries in 365 Days”

Dallas Morning News Craft Beer & Cocktails Blog – “D-FW’s Brews Travelers dish on 10 most memorable breweries (so far)”

Plano Star Courier Article – “As the road takes them”

Plano Star Courier Follow-up – “Brews Travelers going strong on nationwide ‘beercation'”

Paste Magazine – “Awesome of the Day”

Paste Magazine – “Brews Travelers Hit Three Month Mark”

Paste Magazine – “Brews Travelers Finish Epic Beer Road Trip” Article – “Brews Travelers cruise through local breweries on national beer trek”

Orlando Sentinel – “Brews Travelers 365” bound for Orlando

Orlando Sentinel – Brews Travelers’ year of beer stops at Orlando Brewing

Post-Tribune (a Chicago-Times publication) – The perfect buddy “beercation” for Brews Travelers 365

Bellingham Map Trail – “365 Breweries in 365 Days”

Love For Beer – “Check Out this Epic Beer Road Trip”

Inlander – “Meet the dudes who drank at 789 breweries (including 7 in the Spokane area) this year”

RVA News – Strangeways Brewing Profiled

The Cellar Reserve show Podcast (5:16 – 30:16)

Gavin & Zack show – The Beer Gods (Around the halfway mark)

Blind Tiger Podcast – Around the World in 80 Beers

ComixBrew Podcast Episode 83 (7:25 – 13:00)

Brewski-Reviewski Podcast – Year of Beer (19:00 – 47:25)

Notes from the Tasting Room, Vol. 101 – Captain Lawrence Brewing

Misaventuras Cerveceras – “El viaje se acabado, y ahora qué?”

Un Petite Mousse – “Brews Travelers 365 – Deux américains recensent les brasseries des USA”

Brewable – “Вокруг пива за 365 дней”

The Hop Review – Hoplinks

Love Springfield (Missouri) – Taprooms and Tap Handles

More coming soon!

Camel and Haggis

6 thoughts on “Press

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to get into home brewing using equipment based upon what you guys use in the brewery. I am a huge fan of Sly Fox, and I want to embrace this set of operations into what will hopefully be a successful and rewarding home brewing operation.

    I was thinking that I could start by sizing the equipment based upon your sizes for the grain mills, brew kettles for mashing and lautering, boilers, chillers, fermenters, etc. This would be something along the lines of how many bbls of product can be stored in brew kettles for one batch, or, for grain mills, how many grains are to be milled per batch, etc.

    I understand that this may not be a typical thing that you guys discuss with customers/inquirers, but I find that by scaling down these operating demands for the equipment, it might be easier for me to select equipment in order to get started.

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