Month 8 Stats!

Below you will find our total stats for the months of
January + February + March + April + May + June + July + August:

[Border Photos!]

[A banana car that drove by – Michigan]

We are now 2/3 of the way through our trip! 243 days into the year and have 122 days left to go…

Unique brews responsibly tasted: 3,879 (+652 from last month)
Breweries visited: 438 total: 249 official & 189 bonus (+72)
States visited: 35 & DC & 2 Canadian provinces (+2)
* Check out all of our Border Photos!

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Interview with Lakewood Brewing Company’s President, Wim Bens

Lakewood Brewing Company back in our home state of Texas celebrated their 2-year anniversary with an event at the brewery on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014. When we first started this tour, we had the grand idea of filming interviews everywhere but, after about 10 videos, we realized that it would not work out for a multitude of reasons including a lack of proper equipment. This interview, however, turned out quite well! Check out what President and Founder, Wim Bens, had to say about Lakewood Brewing Company back when this video was shot at the beginning of this year on Friday, January. 3rd, 2014.

Month 6 Stats!


We have been visiting breweries for 6 months straight now which puts us at the halfway point! We have been to a total of 274 breweries across 30 states which means that we should be able to easily visit at least 500 total breweries across all 48 contiguous US states by the end of the year…

Below you will find our total stats for the months of
January + February + March + April + May + June:

Unique brews responsibly tasted: 2,532 (+576 from last month)
Breweries visited: 274 total: 187 official & 87 bonus (+65)
States visited: 30 & DC (+4)Border Photos

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Month 5 Stats!

[Us with friends back in Dallas!]

January + February + March + April + May:

Unique/ different brews responsibly tasted: 1,956 (+514 from last month)
Breweries visited: 209 total: 153 official & 56 bonus (+50)
States visited: 26 & DC (+7)

Starting mileage: 75,416
Ending mileage: 89,098
Total miles driven: 13,682(+4,059)
Highest price paid for gas: $3.69 (CT & PA)
Lowest price paid for gas: $3.23 (AR)

Nights stayed in a hotel: 9 (+1)
Nights slept in Van: 14 (+2)
Nights camped: 9 (+1)
* All other nights stayed on someone’s couch/ bed/ floor

National/ State parks visited: 12 (+2)
Rounds of disc golf played: 1 (+0)
Number of times we have gone back home to Dallas, TX: 1 (+1)
Times either of us have shaved or got a haircut: 2 haircuts each (+1); no shave
CD’s acquired: 5 (+1)
Times asked if brothers/ twins: 46 (+7)
Items left behind: 6 (2 shampoo + 2 soap left in bathrooms, 1 towel, 1 pair of socks flew out the window) (+0)
Money stolen by broken parking meters: 7 quarters, 1 nickel ($1.80) (+0)
Times there was a snow/ ice storm: 5 (Atlanta, GA; Greensboro, NC; DC; Milton, DE; Granby, CT) (+0)
Times pulled over then let go: 1 (+0)
Unfortunate mishaps with Homer the minivan: 3 (Mirror clipped in Lancaster, PA; driver-side spray painted in Pittsburgh, PA; Nail in tire in Dallas, TX) (+1)

Hits on website: 82,365 (+22,451)
Facebook Likes: 1,684 (+171)
Twitter followers: 1,272(+220)
Instagram followers: 561(+106)
Untapped friends: 249(+58)