#111 – Rushing Duck Brewing Company in Chester NY




On a cloudy afternoon in Chester, NY, located about a half hour drive southwest of Newburgh, we made our way to Rushing Duck Brewing Company. The brewery is the creation of Dan Hitchcock and is entirely a family operation with the support of his parents and wife, Nikki. Without investors to answer to, they make beers that they enjoy, including barrel aged beers. In order to get the barrel aging program up and running from the start they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. Barrel aged beers are available in bottles solely at the brewery’s tasting room. This afternoon Dan was busy doing what he does best, brewing beer, so we spoke with Nikki in the taproom in order to learn about this young Hudson valley brewery.

The day brightened up quickly with a tasting of some of the Rushing Duck beers. On top of the War Elephant IPA and a new session IPA, Baby Elephant, we even learned some new vocabulary. The name of their year-round English old ale, Nimptompsical Ale, comes from Ben Franklin’s 1737 “The Drinker’s Dictionary” and is a synonym for drunkenness. The Rushing Duck name comes from a story told by Dan’s grandfather – they could get beer to go that was served in a metal pail called the duck. When playing cards and running out of beer, whomever lost that round would have to go get the duck filled and they called it ‘rushing the duck’. The brewery had new tanks arriving shortly after our visit and is looking to further expand distribution within New York. We encourage you to try some of these tasty concoctions whenever you are in the area and want to thank Dan and Nikki for sharing their story with us.

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