#30 – Grayton Beer Co. in Santa Rosa Beach, FL


While we were back in Fairhope, AL, we ran into Shank and Tyler who are brewers at Grayton Beer Company in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. After speaking with them and enjoying a few beers, we decided to add Grayton to our list and spontaneously ventured over there on Monday, 1/27/14. Shank is the head brewer and has been with Grayton for 3 years, although most of that time Grayton Beer Company was contract brewing through Florida Beer Co, who at the time was in Melbourne, FL southeast of Orlando. Grayton’s new facility boasts an impressive 30,000 sq ft, although two separate 3,000 sq ft areas are being leased out right now, so they are using about 24,000 to house their 30bbl brewhouse, four 90bbl tanks, three 60bbl, and two 30bbl, along with a remarkable bottling line that has a 20 head system and is able to push through about 100 bottles per minute.

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