#117 – Roundabout Brewery in Pittsburgh, PA




During our time in Pittsburgh, we received multiple recommendations to visit Roundabout Brewery while in town, so we made our way over there on April 23rd, 2014. Husband and wife, Steve & Dyana Sloan, are running the operation on their own in the Lawrencville area of Pittsburgh utilizing a 6 barrel brewhouse. Steve has been working at breweries for years – one in Florida, one in Hawaii, three in California, one in Colorado, two in Missouri, three in Pennsylvania, plus a winery in New Zealand – and the time came to finally open up his own. Roundabout recently celebrated their one year anniversary in July with an event at the taproom where they had live music, BBQ, and Ice Cream. Their brews can only be found on tap in the taproom, as they made the decision to not distribute off-site in order to have full control over how their beer is served. You won’t want to miss out on the deliciously unique New Zealand & American themed beers that Roundabout is brewing, so definitely make time for a visit to the brewery when you’re in Pittsburgh.

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Month 3 Stats!

January + February + March:

Unique/ different brews responsibly tasted938
Breweries visited – 109
States visited – 14 + DC

Starting mileage – 75,416
Ending mileage – 82,096
Total miles driven – 6,680

Nights stayed in a hotel – 5
Nights slept in Van – 9
Nights camped – 6
(All other nights stayed on someone’s couch/ bed/ floor)
National/ State parks visited – 7
Rounds of disc golf played – 1

Hits on website – 50,992
Facebook Likes – 1,384
Twitter followers – 927
Instagram followers – 378
Untapped followers – 150

Times either of us have shaved or got a haircut – 1 haircut each
CD’s acquired – 4
Times asked if brothers/ twins – 31 (No, seriously we’ve been keeping track and don’t understand it)
Items left behind – 5 (2 shampoo + 2 soap left in bathrooms, 1 pair of socks flew out the window)
Money stolen by broken parking meters – 7 quarters ($1.75)
Times there was a snow/ ice storm – 4 (Atlanta, GA; Greensboro, NC; DC; Milton, DE)